Maharashtra: Region wise sugar production, sugar recovery update

Sugar production in Maharashtra continues, but some mills have started closing the operations for the season. As of February 8, 2024, four sugar mills have stopped operations, compared to six at the same point last season, according to data from the Sugar Commissionerate.

Notably, one sugar mill in the Solapur division, two mills in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Nagar division, and one mill in the Nanded division have halted their crushing operations.

Region wise sugar production data:

Kolhapur region: 190.4 lakh quintals (1.9 million tons)

Pune region: 162.12 lakh quintals (1.6 million tons)

Solapur region: 144.18 lakh quintals (1.4 million tons)

Ahmednagar region: 89.41 lakh quintals (0.9 million tons)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Nagar region: 58.61 lakh quintals (0.6 million tons)

Nanded region: 81.05 lakh quintals (0.8 million tons)

Amravati region: 6.23 lakh quintals (0.06 million tons)

Nagpur region: 1.11 lakh quintals (0.01 million tons)

Average Sugar Recovery:

Kolhapur region: 11.1%

Pune region: 10.03%

Solapur region: 8.94%

Ahmednagar region: 9.45%

Chhatrapati Shivaji Nagar region: 8.39%

Nanded region: 9.68%

Amravati region: 9.03%

Nagpur region: 4.7%

In the current season, a total of 207 sugar mills participated in crushing operations, comprising 103 cooperative mills and 104 private mills. The total sugarcane crushed stands at 751.76 lakh tons, contributing to the production of 73.31 lakh tons of sugar. The average sugar recovery rate in the state currently stands at 9.75%.

Comparatively, in the previous season, 209 sugar mills participated in crushing at the same point in time, producing 811.1 lakh quintals of sugar from the crushing of 828.28 lakh tons of sugarcane.


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