Maharashtra set to break record of last year’s sugar production

Kolhapur: Maharashtra’s sugar output is likely to cross 107 lakh tonne for the season of 2018-19, with 29 sugar mills in the state continue to crush cane. Out of 195 sugar mills, 166 mills have closed their crushing operations in Maharashtra. As on date, with a recovery rate of 11.23 percent, 106.17 lakh tonne sugar has been produced by crushing 945.06 lakh metric tonne sugarcane. The state’s sugar production in SS 2017-2018 was 107 lakh tonne, which was considered a record production in the state. Contemplating the latest crushing report, it is anticipated that last year’s sugar production record is likely to break soon.

Sectoral experts had predicted that this year’s sugar production would be low compared to last year due to the drought-like situation and low availability of water in the state, but contrary to their estimation, it may go beyond last year’s sugar production.

Eyeing at the availability of sugarcane, it is expected that sugar mills will continue crushing more days.

36 sugar mills out of 38 in Kolhapur division, 23 out of 32 in Pune division, 44 out of 44 in Solapur division, 20 out of 28 in Ahmednagar division, 19 out of 24 in Aurangabad division, 21 out of 23 in Nanded division, 2 out of 2 in Amravati division have been closed. Three sugar mills in the Nagpur division are still in operation.

107 lakh tonne of sugar was produced in the SS 2017-18, and looking at this year production so far, 1 lakh tonne is still lagging. Considering the 29 sugar mills are in operation as on date, it is presumed that this year sugar production will break the previous year’s record.



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