Maharashtra: Sugar factories asked to focus on ethanol


A webinar under the chairmanship of Subodh Kumar Singh, Joint Secretary (DFPD), was organized on September 25 to explore the ways to improve revenue realization of sugar factories by increasing ethanol production capacity. It received a good response from sugar factories across Maharashtra. The webinar was attended by more many participants including the senior officers from central government and state governments, OMCs, sugar millers and various sugar bodies.

During the webinar, not just government but also sugar industry bodies emphasised on ethanol production to strengthen the financial condition of sugar mills.

Western India Sugar Mills Association (WISMA) has assured the government that sugar mills in Maharashtra will focus on ethanol production and cut down sugar production in view of its surplus stock.

WISMA President Thombre said, “We are expecting 105 lakh tonnes sugar production in Maharashtra in the upcoming season. Out of which, we are moving ahead to cut the production by 10 lakh tonnes, and take up ethanol production and provide it to petroleum companies.”

Joint Secretary apprised all the participants of the recent initiatives taken by the Central Government and requested all the sugar mills and distilleries to come forward and grab this opportunity of making the sugar sector more viable and profitable.

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