Maharashtra: Sugar mill based ethanol plant starts process to produce oxygen


Aurangabad: Sugar mills in Maharashtra have started focusing on the production of Oxygen. Taking the lead the Dharashiv Sugar Mill in Osmanabad district has begun the generation of Oxygen from its ethanol plant.

According to the news report published in The Times Of India, Abhijit Patil, chairman of the mill said, “We have started the process to generate oxygen from an ethanol plant and are confident that in another 10 days, our first load of 10 metric tonnes of medical oxygen will be dispatched from our plant.”

This will help in turning Maharashtra’s sugar bowl into an oxygen bowl during the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

At the mill, the ethanol plant with a capacity of 60 kilo litres per day is modified to generate 20 metric tonnes of medical oxygen per day by processing the oxygen which is normally released in the atmosphere.

If the project succeeds it will cater to the need of the Osmanabad district which requires 18 metric tonnes of oxygen.

A few days ago, considering the shortage of oxygen to treat the Covid infected patients, the sugar mills in the state had been asked to focus on its production. Shivajirao Deshmukh, director-general of VSI had written letters to the sugar mills in the state directing them to take up the process of oxygen production required for the medical sector.


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