Maharashtra: Sugar millers owe Rs 351 crore in FRP dues


Pune: Sugar mills in Maharashtra as on 15 November 2020 owe FRP around Rs 351.54 crore to the cane farmers for the season 2020-21. The Sugar Commissionerate had granted permission for crushing from October 15.

The crushing season was delayed at some sugar mills due to the unseasonal rains. Also, mills claim that they are suffering from financial scarcity due to low sugar sales.

The mills have so far paid only 4.01 per cent (Rs 14.70 crore) of the total FRP. The total FRP payable was Rs 366.24 crore as on 15 November 2020. Only Jawahar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana has paid 100 per cent FRP.


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