Maharashtra: Sugar millers pin hope on new government

Pune: After the new government formed in Maharashtra, the sugar millers from Western Maharashtra, the region that was severely hit due to floods pins hope for fiscal compensation over damaged cane crop in floods. In western Maharashtra, the sugar bowl of the state, the standing cane crops were submerged for more than 20 days due the heavy rainfall and floods, and the millers claim that the sugar recovery will decline substantially.

PG Medhe, a veteran sugar expert from Kolhapur, said, ” We want the government to compensate for the fall in sugar recovery.”
According to the millers, irrespective of the sugar recovery this year, factories make cane payment to sugarcane growers on the basis of the recovery in the previous year. So, they will end up paying a much higher price for lower recovery.

The millers are expecting positive steps from the new government that will boost the reeling sugar sector in Maharashtra. In state, many millers are affiliated to Congress and NCP, the parties that have formed government in the state with Shiv Sena.

The cane crushing operations for sugar season 2019-20 in Maharashtra had been delayed due to various factors. The 2019-20 season has already been delayed by a month because of floods and the Assembly elections and its results in the state.

In this season, sugar production in Maharashtra is likely to decline as the state had been impacted by flood and drought.

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