Maharashtra: Sugar mills clear 93.63 per cent cane payment


Sugar mills in Maharashtra have cleared 93.63% of the fair and remunerative price (FRP) to the cane farmers till May 15. As per the data published by the Sugar Commissionerate, the mills have paid Rs 21,454 crore out of the payable FRP of Rs 22,888 crore.

Out of the 190 sugar mills from the state, 103 sugar mills have paid 100 per cent FRP to the cane farmers and 81 mills have paid more FRP between 50 to 100 per cent. Two sugar mills have cleared zero per cent cane arrears.

As per the sugarcane control act, the mills should clear the cane dues to the farmers within 14 days of crushing their cane else they have to pay 15 per cent interest on the pending dues.

Around 190 sugar mills have produced 1062.11 lakh quintal sugar by crushing 1012.00 lakh tonne sugarcane till May 16. The mills have reported an average recovery rate of 10.50 per cent.


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