Maharashtra: Sugar mills clear 96.28 per cent FRP

Pune: In a proactive move, sugar mills in Maharashtra are expediting the sugarcane payments.

According to data released by the sugar commissionerate, out of the 210 sugar mills involved in this season’s cane crushing operations, 105 mills have already settled 100% of their cane dues by May 15, 2023. Another 79 mills have cleared between 80% to 99% of the outstanding dues, while 16 mills have paid off 60% to 79% of the dues. Ten mills are in the process of clearing dues ranging from 0% to 60%.

As of now, sugar mills in the state have settled Rs 32,233 crore (96.28%) out of the total outstanding dues of Rs 33,477 crore (Including H&T) owed to cane farmers. However, pending amount of Rs 1,244 crore is yet to be paid to farmers.

In response to non-compliance, the government has taken action against nine sugar mills under the Recovery of Revenue Certificates (RRC) mechanism. It is important for the mills to fulfill their financial obligations to the cane farmers, and the government is actively monitoring the situation.

During the current season, sugar mills in Maharashtra have produced a total of 105 lakh tonnes of sugar by crushing 1,053.66 lakh tonnes of sugarcane.


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