Maharashtra sugar mills pay cane farmers 82 per cent of FRP dues

Sugar mills in Maharashtra have cleared 82 per cent of the total FRP due amounting to Rs 11,630 till February 15. The sugar mills still owe dues worth Rs 2,535.96 crore to the cane farmers.

As per the news report published in, according to the latest report released by the Sugar commissionerate, sugar mills have paid farmers FRP Rs 11,630.25 crore which is around 82.09% of the total dues till date. The millers had cleared FRP dues worth Rs 6,780.59 crore amounting to 88.82% during the same period last season. During last season, around 140 sugar mills participated in the cane crushing season and crushed 332 lakh tonne of sugarcane.

At least 79 mills have cleared 100% of dues owed to farmers. Around 104 of the 180 factories that participated in crushing operations still owe cane payments to farmers. Around 53 sugar mills have cleared less than 60% of dues and 23 mills have made cane payments of between 60% and 79.99%. Another 28 factories have cleared 80-99.99% of dues.


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