Maharashtra: Sugar mills plan to establish compressed biogas plants

Sugar mills in Maharashtra, which are facing a financial crunch and pressure to clear cane dues, exploring other avenues to boost their income. They plan to establish compressed biogas (CBG) plants with an aim to find financial stability.

In a recent meeting organised by Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI), millers have discussed about CBG plants.

NCP supremo and VSI Chairman Sharad Pawar briefed millers regarding the opportunity in CBG plants and apprised them about the potential to generate 1.5 lakh tonne CBG every year to earn Rs 700 crore.

Pawar asked sugar mills to focus on other opportunities to earn profit as alone sugar will not help them to recover the losses.

Sugar mills in Maharashtra claim they are suffering from financial scarcity due to low sugar sales. Due to which they are unable to clear cane dues on time.


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