Maharashtra: WISMA urges government to grant permission to start crushing season from October 15

Maharashtra is facing a deficit rainfall, sparking concerns over the potential impact on sugarcane production and a subsequent drop in sugar output compared to the previous season.

B.B. Thombare, Chairman of the Western Indian Sugar Mills Association (WISMA), has voiced concerns regarding the upcoming sugar season, citing potential reductions in sugarcane availability for mills.

Speaking to ChiniMandi, Thombare explained that there was a lack of rainfall in August, and the hope for improved rains in September is diminishing. As a result, the sugarcane crop in the state is suffering, leading to fears of a 15% to 18% reduction in production.

Furthermore, sugarcane growers might divert sugarcane to khandsari and jaggery-making units instead of waiting for sugar mills to commence crushing. Some farmers are even contemplating selling their sugarcane to cater to the demand for fodder.

In light of these challenges, WISMA urged the government to commence the crushing season from October 15, fearing that delay in granting permission to begin the crushing operations will exacerbate the situation.


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