Malawi: Government urged to revoke business licenses of companies selling sugar at exorbitant price

A prominent Malawian businessman, Lenzo Kiyombo, is urging the government to take a tougher stance against companies caught selling sugar at excessively high prices. This follows the closure of several sugar retailers in Lilongwe by the Ministry of Trade and Industry for price gouging, reported Malawi24.

Addressing the media on Tuesday, Kiyombo stressed that perpetrators deserve more than just shop closures; they should face stringent penalties. He asserted that the actions of these individuals inflict hardship on impoverished Malawians by hindering their access to sugar. Kiyombo commended the government for taking action against the offending shops and advocated for the revocation of their business licenses as a deterrent to others.

Kiyombo disclosed plans, in collaboration with concerned business operators, to stage demonstrations against shop owners selling sugar at inflated prices. He asserted that preparations for these protests are well underway, and they intend to persist until the behavior of such traders changes.

While expressing gratitude for the government’s efforts to address the issue, Kiyombo emphasized the importance of ensuring that all Malawians have access to affordable sugar.

Attempts to reach Minister of Trade and Industry, Sosten Gwengwe, for comment were unsuccessful. However, Jackson Msiska, Executive Director of Youths Action Campaign (YAC), endorsed Kiyombo’s stance, asserting that the government should not tolerate such practices.

Several shops, including Romana Trading, Chou Chou in Area 2, Shalom shop in Area 25, and Simama General Dealers shop at Nsungwi in Area 25, were among those sealed for selling sugar bales at K69, 000 instead of the recommended K37, 500.


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