Malaysia takes measures to ensure stable sugar supply during the festive season

Petaling Jaya: Deputy Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Fuziah Salleh has announced measures to ensure a stable sugar supply during the upcoming festive season, reported The Star.

The ministry has issued supply control directives to MSM Malaysia Holdings Bhd (MSM) and Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd (CSR) to safeguard consumer interests. MSM produces at least 24,000 tonnes a month, and CSR contributes at least 18,000 tonnes a month, providing a combined supply of 42,000 tonnes, deemed sufficient for the festive season.

The companies are required to submit daily reports to address potential shortage issues, and any reported shortages will be promptly dealt with by enforcement authorities. Salleh reassured that issues of white sugar shortages are rare and are typically related to distribution system problems that can be resolved within a day or two.

With the upcoming Chinese New Year in February and the fasting month in March expected to double the demand for white sugar, the authorities are taking preemptive measures to handle the surge in demand. MSM’s CEO, Syed Feizal Syed Mohammad, confirmed the stability of Malaysia’s sugar supply, anticipating increased purchasing before festive seasons, with production capacity and preparedness to meet surges in demand.

While there is a slight scarcity of sugar in Johor due to increased purchases by Singaporeans crossing the border, Syed Feizal assured that the MSM Group’s plant in Johor can fulfill any shortfall. On the pricing disparity between Malaysia and Singapore, he acknowledged the impact on sugar purchases in Johor but emphasized the commitment to maintaining consistent sugar supplies in the region.

CSR, in a written reply, affirmed that there are no shortages of sugar supply and that production is meeting the ministry’s requirements. Sugar is a controlled item under the Control of Supplies Act 1961, with coarse white sugar sold at RM2.85 per kg and refined white sugar at RM2.95 per kg.


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