Karnataka: Mandya legislators urge government to release Rs 10 crore for Mysugar mill

Mandya Congress legislators Dinesh Gooligowda and Ravi Ganiga urged government to disburse ₹10 crore for Mysore Sugar Company Ltd. (Mysugar), a state-owned enterprise that recently recommenced its operations. The requested amount is part of the pending ₹18 crore fund allocation, reports The Hindu.

They have written separate letters to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Deputy Chief Minister D. K. Shivakumar stating that the state-owned Mysugar was shut for a long time and began operations last year.

The earstwhile BJP government had made provision of Rs 50 crore in the Budget for the revival of the sugar mill but had released only Rs 32 crore which has caused inconvenience to the farmers, they said. Now the government should immediately release Rs 10 crore to the mill out of the remaining Rs 18 crore, they said.

In preparation for the upcoming sugarcane crushing season starting in June, certain important works need to be addressed, including the settlement of outstanding dues for workers and advance payment to sugarcane harvesting laborers. The legislators have appealed to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister to instruct the Finance Department officials to disburse ₹10 crore out of the total required amount of ₹18.54 crore, which encompasses the salary obligations.



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