Mansurpur sugar mill faces problem of sugarcane shortage


Meerut: Many sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh have commenced the crushing season. But Mansurpur sugar mill has been impacted due to cane shortage. The mill is receiving less cane for crushing than its capacity, which has increased the financial burden of the mill.
Arvind Kumar Dixit, the vice president of the mill, said, “The daily crushing capacity of the mill is 75,000 quintal, but we are receiving only 40 to 45,000 quintal cane for crushing. The farmers urged us to start crushing in October so that they can clear fields for sowing wheat. But if we do not get sufficient cane for crushing, we will be at a loss which.”

Sugar mills in the state have been directed to commence cane crushing by November 5. Also, many sugar mills in the state owe cane arrears; therefore, sugarcane farmers in the state are upset. Issuing warning against the defaulter sugar mills, UP government had set a deadline of October 31 to pay all the arrears of sugarcane farmers. But mills failed to pay the dues before the deadline. Commissioner, Sugar and Cane, Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy issued a stern direction to sugar mills to clear all cane dues before starting the crushing season.


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