Many South Korean companies assured investment in Karnataka in FMCG and other sectors

Bengaluru (Karnataka): The Karnataka government engaged in discussion with the major Korean companies to reinforce the state’s economic landscape across gaming, FMCG, and automotive sectors.

The meeting took place between M.B. Patil, Minister for Large and Medium Industries and Infrastructure Development, Government of Karnataka and prominent Korean companies such as YG-1, Krafton Inc., Go Pizza, and HY Automotive Controls.

During the meeting, YG-1 announced a significant investment of USD 150 million in Karnataka. YG-1 is a global cutting tool manufacturer based in South Korea. The company already operates a manufacturing facility in Tumakuru Machine Tool Park (TMTP) in Karnataka.

Reacting to the investment decision of the company, Patil wrote in a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), “YG-1 Announces Major Investment and Expansion Plans in State. YG-1, a leading global company in precision tooling, has announced a significant investment of $150 million in Karnataka. Building on its commitment to cultural exchange, YG-1 is pleased to announce the establishment of a state-of-the-art Korean language learning and training centre in our State. To further fuel innovation and technological advancements, YG-1 has also proposed the creation of a cutting-edge R&D Center. The state government is committed to supporting YG-1’s ambitious plans.”

Among the key discussion points, future plans along with export strategies were prominent during the meeting, as per a release.

Both sides discussed the opening up of a Korean Language training centre. Additionally, import duties from India to the US compared to Korea were also discussed, the release added.

Separately, the Minister engaged in discussions with senior executives from Krafton Inc. in which the company conveyed its plans to open a gaming station in Karnataka and hire more engineers from India. Krafton Inc. also highlighted its focus on game development across platforms and global studio acquisitions. Since 2021, Krafton has invested 140 million dollars in Indian startups in esports, multimedia entertainment, content creation, and audio platforms. Discussions included AI integration in gaming, IP rights, and the growth of esports in India.

During the meeting focused on Karnataka’s FMCG ecosystem, Patil engaged Lim Jae-won, CEO of Go Pizza. The company said it targets over Rs 150 crore in sales by Q1 next year in India, aiming to replicate Domino’s success, as per the release.

It also said it intends to prioritise India moving forward and eyeing expansion in Bangalore by tripling factory size, the release further added.

HY Automotive Controls (HYAC) discussed its India expansion plans with the Karnataka Minister, focusing on their project to incorporate in India and their search for approximately 3 acres of land near Bangalore for their facility.

(With inputs from ANI)



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