Michigan Sugar donates personal protective equipment to hospitals to combat coronavirus


Thumb area, Michigan: The coronavirus (Covid-19) which had first emerged in China’s Wuhan city in December last year and has now spread across many countries in the world. And in the present situation, the USA is the most affected country in the world due to Covid-19.

With this many companies are also coming forward to assist their country’s health workers and others who are fighting like soldiers to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Helping medical professionals fight against coronavirus, the Michigan Sugar is donating material to health care professionals.

The beet sugar processor based in Bay city is donating personal protective equipment to hospitals across Eastern Michigan to ensure health care providers have the necessary resources.

According to the Michiganstumb.com, the company donated 80 N95 masks, 370 pairs of safety glasses and 550 pairs of gloves to Scheurer Hospital in Pigeon.

Apart from this, Michigan Sugar also contributed to other hospitals as well.

Rob Clark, the director of communications and community relations for Michigan Sugar said, “They started rounding up masks, gloves, and glasses in the past week as workers rallied to go through their storage areas to find extras. I’ve heard hospitals described as war zones,” Clark said. “They need to have it (these supplies) on the front lines.”

“We continue sugar production as it is in high demand. Our challenges have been rising and our employees are handling it well,” he said.

The company also said that they are ensuring the safety of their employees and are in constant touch with them.


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