Middlemen illegally supplying sugarcane from Uttar Pradesh to Bihar; officials to take action: Media report

Ramkola, Uttar Pradesh: Middlemen are illegally supplying sugarcane from Kushinagar district in Uttar Pradesh to Bihar, according to a complaint filed by the general manager of the Ramkola sugar mill, reported Amar Ujala.

As per media report, GM, Yashraj Singh, informed district magistrate Umesh Mishra that this is causing loss to the Ramkola mill.

Singh said that the sugarcane is being bought from farmers in the Chhatina, Khadda, Padrauna, and Ramkola areas of the district and then sold to the sugar mill in Bihar. He said that farmers are being paid less for their crop than they would receive from the Ramkola mill.

The selling of sugarcane outside the state is also costing the state government revenue, Singh said. In addition, the Ramkola mill might face shortage of sugarcane, which will disrupt operations.

As per media report, taking note of this DM has directed the district police official to look into this. He has also written to the superintendent of police to take action on this.


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