Ministers assure to reopen this sugar factory


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Nizamabad: The revival of Nizam Sugar Factory has once again become a major talking point for all parties ahead of Lok Sabha polls. The sugar factory in Bodhan, Telangana was established in 1937 by the Nizam.

The factory has languished under bad management for decades. The issue of Nizam Sugar Factory is going to figure prominently in the Lok Sabha campaigns.

TRS MP candidate Kalvakuntla Kavitha said that steps will be taken for reopening Nizam Sugar Factory after the court verdict.

Addressing the election campaign at Achanpally of Bodhan town, Kavitha said, “Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao is striving to reopen the NSF sugar factory at Bodhan to benefit sugarcane farmers and in future good days will come for NSF workers and farmers.”

BJP also did leave any stone unturned and spoke about it. Rajnath Singh said if the BJP came to power in Telangana, efforts would be made to reopen the Nizam Sugar Factory.

Launching an attack on the ruling party in the state, Singh complained that the government is not paying attention to the concerns of the unemployed youth as the Nizam Sugar Factory still remains closed.

In past, too many party leaders have made multiple claims related to this sugar factory,  but it remains to be tall promise only.

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