Modern methods boost sugarcane yield


Kolhapur, Maharashtra: Modern methods like drip irrigation has helped in increasing sugarcane yield in the Sangli and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra. This technology has helped in reducing the water intake by the crops and keeping the soil quality intact.

Sugarcane farmers now aim to grow 150-200 tonne of sugarcane per acre. In the last few years, farmers have been growing more than 100 tonnes of sugarcane per acre.

According to the news report published in Times of India, Ashok Khot, a farmer based in Islampur of Sangli district, three years ago had set a target of growing 167 tonnes of sugarcane per acre and have achieved it. The farmer has set up an inverted sprinkling irrigation method in his 7-acre land. The method is being followed by other farmers in the region.

“Nutrition, water and soil quality are major factors for a high yield. Many farmers have learnt the techniques to ensure high productivity. They are now well equipped with data about the soil quality through testing. I get the soil tested twice a year and accordingly adjust the nutrition,” he said.



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