‘Molasses’ can be a ‘Chyawanprash’ from the sugar industry: NSI Director Prof. Narendra Mohan

During the second day of the International Conference at National Sugar Institute, the experts brainstormed on multiple issues of converting sugar industry waste to wealth, production of green energy, technological interventions for improving plant efficiency, sugar scenario in various South East Asian and Middle East countries and on improving the sugarcane farm productivity.

In their presentations, delegates for Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Fiji elaborated status of demand-supply scenario of sugar in the country. Mr. Herby Dikkumbura and Mr. Erami S Lewaravu from Sri Lanka and Fiji respectively desired to seek help of National Sugar Institute, Kanpur for training of their manpower and modernization of sugar factories. Our efficiencies are much lower than those being attained in India and we also want to utilize the by-products in a better way for enhancing our income, they said.

Ms. Elham Berenjian from Iran discussed the sugar scenario in Middle East Countries. We are net importers of sugar, however, the market for artificial sweeteners is growing because governments’ in few countries have imposed “Sugary Tax” to curtail sugar consumption. Because of the myth being created, linking sugar with health issues, awareness programmes are required to conducted globally, she said.

“Molasses” can be a “Chyawanprash” from the sugar industry said Prof. Narendra Mohan, Director in an interesting presentation made by the institute. Molasses after certain physico-chemical treatment and ensuring packing under hygienic conditions can be an excellent and cheap source of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and Fe, Ca, Mn, K etc., said Mr. Mahendra Pratap Singh of Sugar Technology Division.

Presentations were also made by Prof. D Swain on “Paradigm of Green Energy & Waste Economy” and by Ms. Shalini Kumari on development of active carbons for sugar industry waste. In his presentation, Shri Vivek Verma presented a case study for reducing steam & power consumption in sugar factories using innovative technologies.

Mr. Geoff Kent, Sugar Research Institute, Australia discussed innovations in juice extraction technology for maximizing juice yield and thus to attain higher sugar recovery in the processing house. Experts also discussed various measures for improving farm productivity and minimizing post-harvest deterioration. Western Uttar Pradesh has been under attack of red rot disease and intense measures are required to control the same. Few newer varieties Co 15023, CoLK 14201,CoLK 15201, CoS 13235, Co 0118 etc. have been developed which need to be propagated in affected areas, said Dr. D B Phonde, Advisor, Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd.

The stall of National Sugar Institute showcasing different sugars and value added products from waste of sugar industry remained centre of attraction at Expo.

Prof. Narendra Mohan, Director was also felicitated by Mr. Herby Dikkumbura, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Ceylon Sugar Industries, Sri Lanka.


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