Monsoons: Thirty nine per cent less rain this year so far


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New Delhi, Jun 24 (UNI) Monsoon that has arrived a little late this year has also marked slow progress so far till now as the amount of rainfall this year is 39 per cent less than the average rainfall between June 1 and 22 last year.

According to the Met Department, the average rainfall in the country between June 1 and June 22 is 107.1mm, while this year the amount of average rain received in the country is 65 mm.

This indicates that the rain so far is 39.3 per cent less than the average.

According to the Met Department rain data, 25 sub-divisions, out of total 36, recorded 20 to 59 per cent less rain this year. In six sub-divisions, the rain has decreased by 60 to 99 per cent so far.

However, later the monsoon has gained some pace in the Eastern region of the country, however, the progress is still slow in the central and western parts of the peninsula.

Normally by this time the monsoon crosses Gujarat, but, this year it is yet to completely reach central Maharashtra.

If we talk of Madhya Pradesh, by this time monsoon should have ideally reached there in the entire state, however, is yet to the ring the bell.

However, for past two days in Bihar, Jharkhand and some places of Uttar Pradesh the monsoon has suddenly picked up momentum and the progress is becoming normal, but several parts of UP still await the rains.

Between June 1 and June 22, in the first three weeks of monsoon, the country has received 46.9 percent less rainfall than the normal.

Generally, this part has 99.6 mm of rains by this time, whereas this year by now the rain received is only 52.9 mm.


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