Moradabad: Plans to increase sugar mill’s crushing capacity

Moradabad, Kolhapur: A meeting was held on Tuesday in Raninagar, Thakurdwara, Uttar Pradesh, to discuss the expansion of the cane crushing capacity of the Triveni Sugar Mill, reported Live Hindustan.

During the meeting, officials inquired with the farmers about the mill’s plans to increase its sugarcane crushing capacity from 5000 TCD (Tonnes of Cane per Day) to 10,000 TCD. The energy production capacity, currently at eight megawatts, is slated to be raised to 15 megawatts. Farmers were encouraged to report any concerns or objections to the administration and the Regional Pollution Control Board. However, all the farmers present at the meeting expressed their support for the expansion. The gathering also included key mill officials, such as V. Venkatarathanam, the mill’s general manager, and Sachidanand Pradhan, as well as assistant engineer of the Pollution Control Board, J.N. Tiwari.


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