MP govt abolishes transport check posts at interstate borders, road safety and enforcement checking points to be arranged

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Madhya Pradesh government abolished transport check posts at the interstate borders in the state with effect from today and stated that new road safety and enforcement checking points would come up in the state.

Under the new system, 45 checking points will come up in the first phase in the state. Mobile units will be formed under temporary arrangements till the new checking points are ready and these mobile units will be constituted of district transport office and enforcement staff along with home guards.

On Sunday, CM Mohan Yadav held a meeting with officials at CM House via video conferencing and directed the administrative and police officers associated with all the districts to provide necessary cooperation to the Transport Department in the new system.

“Measures have been initiated to eliminate existing irregularities and establish a transparent framework at transport check posts crucial for interstate vehicle movements, in collaboration with relevant district administrations from July 1, 2024. Madhya Pradesh is known for good governance. Strict action will be taken by the state government if complaints are received regarding the transport system. The new system will not cause any inconvenience to the operators of heavy vehicles. By resolving the complaints, arrangements have been made to conduct the basic work of the Transport Department in a better and cleaner manner,” CM Yadav said.

“Now flying squads will work in the border districts in the state under a new arrangement. Operators of outside vehicles will not face any issues. The new transparent system will prove useful for everyone,” he added.

CM Yadav further directed that the Transport Department should organise camps in colleges to make driving licences of students. While operating passenger buses, the rule of running the bus from the designated place should be followed. Time timetable should be followed. School buses should also be checked. Attention should be given to improving rural transport services.

Meanwhile, the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) welcomed and expressed pleasure over the decision of the state government to abolish transport check posts at the interstate borders in Madhya Pradesh.

“We are thrilled to announce that, effective from July 1, 2024, check posts in the state of Madhya Pradesh have been abolished. This is a monumental step towards easing road transport operations and reducing delays for our industry,” a statement from AIMTC read. (ANI)




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