MP: Onion price rise making holes in public’s pocket amid festive season

Bhopal/Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], October 31 (ANI): A sudden price rise of onions is making holes in the pockets of the public amid the festive season.

The price of onions increased four times to Rs 80 a kg in the state capital Bhopal and thrice to Rs 60 a kg in Indore. Consumers are upset with the price rise yet are forced to buy as it is a necessary vegetable.

Usually, the price of onion in Indore’s Rajkumar Mandi used to be around Rs 20 a kg, but in the last a few days it has reached Rs 60 a kg. The traders claimed the less arrival of onion in the mandi is the reason for the sudden hike in the onion price.

Traders said that the prices of onions would continue to rise till Diwali festival and after that when new onions would arrive in December, then the prices would decrease.

Onion prices may further increase from Rs 60 to Rs 100 a kg. The effect of inflation is also seen in the customer base, people are buying onions in very less quantities, the trader added.

Consumers buying the onions said that the prices increased so much that they had to reduce the use of onions and the kitchen budget also got disbalanced.

A hotel operator said that the consumption of onions was the same in the hotel but due to the increase in prices, there was incurring losses. People used to demand onion in salad with food order for free.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, reacting to the Onion price rise, former CM Kamal Nath told reporters in Bhopal, “The rise in onion prices is bringing tears to people’s eyes. This Onion inflation is one thing. Which inflation is not there in this state? The people of the state have suffered from inflation in the past years and now onion price rise has started.” (ANI)


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