MP Rambhual Nishad assures of resolving issues related to Sultanpur’s sugar mill

Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh: Samajwadi Party MP Rambhual Nishad from Sultanpur expressed his gratitude for his victory on Thursday, reported Live Hindustan.

At the residence of Isauli MLA Tahir Khan, he mentioned that he would put pressure on the government to expand the district’s dilapidated sugar mill. On the other hand, MLA Tahir referred to former MP Maneka Gandhi as his sister, stating that he had not discussed the election or any post-election matters with her. Additionally, MP Nishad visited the Most Welfare Institution’s office to express his thanks for their support in his victory. Leaders of Most Welfare Institutions requested the installation of a statue of Veerangana Phoolan Devi in Tata Nagar.


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