Mumbai rains: Trouble is likely to escalate in next 48 hours

Mumbai: Rains in Mumbai are disrupting the normal life of Mumbaikars, and now it seems, trouble is likely to escalate as Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) warns of very heavy rainfall in Mumbai on August 3 and August 4. However, the moderate rain still continues in the city and its adjoining area for last one week.

IMD has tweeted “With the development of the low-pressure area over Bay, this Saturday night and Sunday, Mumbai is very likely to get intense heavy rainfall.”

A look at the past rain statistics shows that Mumbai received twice the rain it recorded in July 2016 in just 28 days of July this year.

As of now airport operations in Mumbai running normally, but heavy rain may hamper the arrivals and departures.

In the first week of July, heavy rainfall paralysed the city, and 16 people died due to rain-related accidents.


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