Muzaffarnagar: Sugar mills owe arrears around Rs 1100 crore


Muzaffarnagar: Sugar mills in the district owe arrears around Rs 1100 crore to the cane farmers for the ongoing crushing season. According to the news report published in, farmers have sold cane arrears around Rs 3100 crore to the sugar mills during this season and the millers have so far paid only Rs 2000 crore.

As per a Media report, R D Dwivedi, DCO said, “The financial situation of all the sugar mills has been affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. All the eight sugar mills from the district have procured cane worth Rs 3100 crore from the farmers ensuring that the cane grown in the district is crushed completely. The mills have so far paid Rs 2023 crore to the farmers and yet to pay Rs 1100 crore.”


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