Nagawade sugar mill aims to crush 9 lakh metric tonnes of sugarcane


Shrigonda: Nagawade sugar mill that was shut during last crushing season is now aims to crush 9 lakh metric tonnes of sugarcane this season. Rajendra Nagawade, president of the mill, said, “Last year we did not participate in the crushing season as there was not enough availability of sugarcane crop in our region. This year, the farmers from the region have grown sugarcane on most of their agricultural land indicating that there is enough sugarcane available for crushing.”

Mill has repaired the machinery and is at a final phase of preparation to start cane crushing.

According to ISMA, Maharashtra’s net cane area has gone up by about 43% in 2020-21 SS, which is mainly due to above normal SW and NE monsoon in 2019, followed by normal rainfall from January to March’ 2020. As against the net cane area of 7.76 lakh ha. in 2019-20 SS, area is expected to increase to 11.12 lakh ha in 2020-21. It is noteworthy that during the current 2019-20 SS around 0.5 lakh ha cane area was completely lost due to floods in July- August 2019. Sugar production is, therefore, estimated to be around 101.34 lakh tonnes in 2020-21 SS, as against 61.61 lakh tonnes produced in 2019-20 SS, i.e. higher by about 39.73 lakh tonnes.

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