Najibabad sugar mill records good sugar recovery rate

Bijnor: The Najibabad Sugar Mill has emerged as the frontrunner in sugar recovery among all cooperative sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh, with an impressive 12.30% recovery rate recorded as on Thursday, reported Live Hindustan.

This achievement places the mill ahead of other mills, with the Ganga Kisan Cooperative Sugar Mill in Morana (11.69%) and the Kisan Cooperative Sugar Mill in Hasanpur Gajraula (11.50%) occupying the second and third positions respectively.

The state of Uttar Pradesh boasts 24 cooperative sugar mills and Najibabad’s performance marks it as the leader in terms of recovery rate. Notably, the mill’s on-date recovery stands at 12.30%, a testament to its operational efficiency.

Remarkably, the district of Bijnor, where Najibabad is located, is known for its thriving sugarcane cultivation. The current season has seen a significant area of 2, 63,778 hectares dedicated to sugarcane, highlighting the importance of this crop for the local farmers.

Dr. S S Dhaka, Chief Cane Officer, Najibabad said, “The Kisan Sahkari Sugar Mill Limited, Sneha Road, Najibabad, Bijnor is at the top spot in terms of on-date recovery in the state. The mill’s recovery on Thursday was 12.30%. We expect the mill to maintain its top position in recovery rate by the end of the sugarcane season.”


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