National Green Hydrogen Mission expected to reduce quantum of imported fossil fuels by Rs 1 lakh crore by 2030: Union Minister

The Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy and Power, R. K. Singh, has informed that the National Green Hydrogen Mission is expected to lead to development of 5 MMT Green Hydrogen production capacity per annum by 2030. Green Hydrogen has the potential to replace fossil fuels including natural gas, either as a source of energy or as a feedstock, thereby contributing to reduction in dependence on import of fossil fuels.

The Mission envisages substitution of Grey Hydrogen with Green Hydrogen in industries such as fertilizer production, petroleum refining, steel, shipping, etc., thus reducing carbon footprint and dependence on imported fossil fuels.

The quantum of such reduction in imports is estimated at ₹ 1 lakh crore by 2030.

The specific strategies or initiatives under the Mission in this regard, inter alia, are as follows:

(i) Facilitating demand creation through domestic utilization;
(ii) Strategic Interventions for Green Hydrogen Transition (SIGHT) programme, which includes incentives for manufacturing of electrolysers and production of green hydrogen;
Pilot Projects for green steel, mobility, shipping, decentralized energy applications, hydrogen production from biomass, hydrogen storage, etc.;
(iii) Development of Green Hydrogen Hubs;
Research & Development programme, etc.
(iv) For production of 1 kg of green hydrogen via electrolysis, around 10 litres of demineralized water are needed. Accordingly, the demineralized water requirement for 5 MMT Green Hydrogen production per annum will be about 50 Million Cubic Meter (MCM) per annum.

Majority of the Green Hydrogen production plants are expected to come up near port locations as per the industry feedback. In such cases, desalinized sea water could also be used for Green Hydrogen production.

Since water is a state subject, the project developers will have to comply with the State regulations for securing the water supply.

This information has been given by the Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy and Power Shri R. K. Singh, in a written reply to a question, in Rajya Sabha on December 5, 2023.


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