National Sugar Institute gets another success

In its pursuit of developing technologies for producing value added products from by-products and waste from sugar industry, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur got another success for which a patent has now been received.

The present invention discloses a process capable of producing a biochemical (C-β-Dxylopyranoside-2-alkanones) in few simple steps from sugarcane bagasse that is easy, industrially viable, cost-effective and at the same time avoids the usage of conventional source of carbohydrate feedstock i.e. isolation & purification of xylose sugar for the production of such compounds.

For combating ageing of the epidermis, and/or combating drying out of the skin and thus rendering these compounds of great interest for applications such as, antidiabetics, antibiotics, anti-aging molecules, surfactants and anti-inflammatory compounds. The product is being used by very reputed companies in formulating their anti-ageing creams, said Shri Narendra Mohan, Director.

We are now going to commercialize the technology with the help of National Research Development Corporation, informed Director.


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