National Sugar Institute, Kanpur develops biscuits from baggase – a byproduct of sugar industry


National Sugar Institute, Kanpur has always been emphasizing upon production of value added products by sugar factories to achieve economic sustainability. Sugar industry has gradually understood the importance of such diversifications for producing value added products and recently entered into production of alcohol based sanitizer in a big way.

Taking it forward, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur has further developed cookies (biscuits) using liquid jaggery and dietary fiber made from baggase, a byproduct of sugar industry in this Corona period and otherwise also there is growing demand of healthier, nutritive and digestive food products, said Prof. Narendra Mohan, Director, National Sugar, Kanpur. While liquid jaggery used in placed of sugar will provide sweetness, it would also provide many minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron etc.) and vitamins (a, B1, B2, C & E). The dietary fiber, as recommended by the dieticians and nutritionist also shall help in preventing cologne cancer by improving digestion and bowel moment, besides checking cholesterol level and obesity etc. such cookies (biscuits) thus shall not only be healthier enriched with nutritive ingredients but could also be produced at a lower cast. In the similar way many other healthier bakery products can be made Prof. Mohan added.

Thus, such healthier and nutritive food products from the sugar industry to be taken up for startup by the student passing out from the institute, thus, to become a job creator rather than the job seeker, vouched Director, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur.


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