Nayara Energy plans to set up ethanol plants in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh

Mumbai: Nayara Energy has announced plans to invest Rs. 600 crore in setting up two ethanol manufacturing plants in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, each with a capacity of 200 thousand liters per day (KLPD). The company plans to utilize broken rice and maize as raw materials. In the long term, Nayara Energy envisions operating five ethanol plants.

As per news report published in The Economic Times, Prasad Panicker, the executive chairman of Nayara Energy, emphasized ambitious goals in the ethanol sector. He stated, “We have big plans on the ethanol front. By 2025, we have to blend 20% ethanol, so we have a mission for 100% sourcing. We aim to have at least five ethanol plants in the long term but to start with, we are setting up two.”

Furthermore, Nayara Energy is exploring opportunities in the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) sector. Panicker stated, “SAF is attractive economically and is likely to be policy-driven. We also want to be in the field provided there is feedstock available. You can always integrate a SAF unit with the refinery, otherwise, it will be very expensive.” The company is currently studying the segment to formulate strategies, acknowledging the available technologies for ethanol to SAF and used cooking oil to SAF conversion but recognizing the need for further development in these areas.


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