Need For Ethanol Production Policy Than Sugar Exports: Shamrao Desai

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Kolhapur: Since the sugar prices are diminishing day by day the sugar mill wants to export 40 lakh tonnes of sugar with an assistance of subsidy from the government; a subsidy of 10 thousand tonnes per tonne.
However, it is necessary to have ethanol production policy from sugarcane, which is beneficial

Shyamrao Desai, founder of Bio Fuels Farmers Association, in a press conference here on Thursday said,”Sugar prices in India are currently around 28 rupees per kg and they can come down to 25 rupees. For this, all the sugar factories and their organizations are demanding Rs. 1000 per quintal of sugar export subsidy of Rs 10 thousand per tonne government. Out of this, 40 lakh tonnes of sugar will be exported. For this, a grant of Rs 4,000 crore is expected. We will meet with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Food and Civil Supplies Minister Ram Vilas Paswan.”

Sugar prices in the global market are lesser than India, which is 23 rupees per kg.
He further said, the government should allow the policy of ethanol to be made from sugarcane as a sovereign remedy. This can provide sugarcane yield of Rs. 3,800 to 4000 rupees. For this, the state government should accept the demand for ethanol production policy from the Center.

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