Need to increase sugarcane yield to 250 tonnes per acre: Dr. Hapse


Pune: Two decades ago we had set a target to increase Sugarcane yield to 100 tonnes per acre and succeeded in achieving it. But now considering the scarcity of water in future the time has come to increase output to 250 tonnes per acre, said senior sugarcane scientist Dr Dnyandev Hapase. He was speaking at a workshop organised to increase the productivity of Sugarcane crop.

Addressing the gathering, he said, “Farmers are reeling under financial burden. When they spend Rs 1, they get only 30 paise in return. They should get Rs 6 instead. For this, they should change the method of irrigation, cultivation and fertilizers. The sugar industry, which once witnessed a golden period in the state, is now struggling for its existence. Uttar Pradesh sugar industry is now ahead of Maharashtra. At this situation, sugar mills can play a major role in regaining the glory.”

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