Nepal cane farmers threaten to agitate for hike in cane prices

Kathmandu, Nepal: The sugarcane farmers have threatened to launch an agitation if the government fails to hike the minimum support price for the sugarcane. According to the media reports, the government is expected to make no changes in the sugarcane purchase price this year.

Kapil Muni Mainali, president of the Federation of Sugarcane Producers Association, said, “We have got information from government sources that the farm gate price of sugarcane will remain the same this year like previous year.”

He said,“We will launch an agitation if the government fixes the same MSP for sugarcane. We will not be able to sell our crops for less than Rs 600 per quintal as the production cost has been increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“Lower cane prices will affect the sugarcane growers and they will be indebted and won’t be able to recover the input cost for the cane cultivation,” he further added.

Hari Bahadur KC, spokesperson for the Agriculture Ministry said that the proposed minimum support price tabled by the Agriculture ministry would be discussed by the Industry ministry before taking the final decision on cane price.


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