Nepal: Cane growers complain about delayed payment from sugar mills

Sugarcane farmers agitating at Kathmandu for their pending cane dues have stated that they have not received any money from the mills. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies had assured the process of clearing payments has been initiated.

As per the government, the farmers will get their dues within 21 days of crushing their cane by the sugar mills.

Rakesh Mishra, patron, Sugarcane Farmers Struggle Committee said that the mills have stopped paying bills to the farmers after they have signed a pact with the government four days ago.

“The mills began clearing the cane bills of farmers after they began to protest but as soon as they signed an agreement with a government they have stopped clearing cane dues,” he said.

“The millers are stating that the delay has been due to the suspension of banking transactions,” said Mishra.


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