Nepal claims it has sufficient sugar stock

Kathmandu: Government-run public utility Salt Trading Corporation (STC) has assured that it has sufficient stock of sugar and salt that will last for more than 10 months. The assurance came amid the fear of the global threat of affecting global supply chain due to coronavirus.

Urmila Shreshtha, the chief executive officer of the corporation informed that it has sufficient sugar and 1,58,500 tonne salt that can cater to the 10-month need of the country. There is no obstruction on the import of these commodities so far.”

Nepal usually imports sugar from other countries to fulfil its domestic requirements. Last year, the Nepal government has lifted the sugar import restriction in the country. Earlier, the import ban was imposed after the domestic sugar industry claimed that they cannot compete with sugar from other countries. The excessive supply of cheaper foreign sugar in the domestic market had lowered the demand for comparatively costly Nepali sugar.

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