Nepal: Farmers not satisfied over sugarcane dues


Kathmandu: Sugarcane farmers agitating for the pending cane dues have stated that despite the government’s assurance of clearing cane dues, they have not received their dues yet.

Rakesh Mishra, patron of the Sugarcane Farmers Struggle Committee said, “Farmers have still not received full cane dues from the sugar mills.”

“The industry ministry has said sugar mills have paid Rs 440.5 million out of Rs 650 million to the farmers. The ministry has stated this verbally but we are not aware about how much farmers actually received. We want the government to provide details about how much each farmer has received so far,” Mishra said.

“For demanding pending cane dues the farmers had launched an agitation at Kathmandu in December and the government on December 28, signed an agreement with farmers stating that a technical team would be formed to address the issue. The committee was formed but it met only once to discuss the issue”, he further added.

The Supreme Court has asked the sugar mills to clear the pending cane dues to the farmers within a month. Farmers are hoping that the mills would clear their dues soon.


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