Nepal farmers to relaunch their agitation for pending cane dues


Kathmandu: Sugarcane farmers have decided to relaunch their agitation as they have yet not received their cane dues.

The Farmers’ body issued a press released on Thursday citing that the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies has claimed that the farmers have received Rs 570 million out of due Rs 650 million. However, the farmers have stated that they have not received the amount so far and the money is yet to be deposited in the banks of these farmers.

The government has signed an agreement with the farmers on December 28 according to which the farmers were assured of clearing their dues in 21 days. The deadline ends on Monday and the farmers have stated that they are yet to receive the full amount that is due from sugar mills while the government is claiming that the farmers have received most of the due amount.

We will continue to launch our agitation against the government till all the farmers get their dues and the government clarifies the actual amount farmers have received from the millers, the release said.


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