Nepal: Sugarcane farmers awaiting cane dues

Like India, sugarcane farmers in Nepal too suffering from sugarcane arrears issue. Farmers in the country alleged that sugar mill in Bara failed to clear the dues in spite of the promise.

Last year, Reliance Sugar and Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd of Shreepur in Kalaiya sub-metropolis had purchased cane at Rs 536 per quintal. And it has been more than one year, and the mill is yet to clear the dues. Out of Rs 536, the mill is supposed to pay 471.28 per quintal, whereas remaining Rs 65.28 is provided as a grant by the government to the cane growers.

Sugarcane farmer who gave its cane to the mill said, “We are tired of requesting for our money, but sugar mill is not paying any attention.”

Sugarcane Farmers Association accused the mill of not fulfilling the promises made by the mill to the cane growers. Association Chairperson Birendra Kushwaha said, “The mill had promised to pay the farmers within 30 to 45 days after the purchase, but it has been more than one year and we are still awaiting for our dues.”

According to the report, the sugar mill owes Rs 530 million to some 9,500 sugarcane farmers.

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