Philippines: New farm machinery for sugar producers

Taking steps to boost the local sugar industry, the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) will distribute farm equipment to cane farmers.

The SRA has initiated the mechanization of cane farming and started the distribution of farm machinery to eligible sugar farmers.

The financial support will be provided by both the corporate source and the Sugar Industry Development Act of 2015 which allows P2 billion yearly to assist the sugar industry.

The Republic Act No. 10659 states that cane farmers shall be encouraged and trained to use modern machinery for the efficient planting, cultivation, harvesting and maintenance of sugarcane.

David John Thaddeus Alba, acting SRA Administrator said, “To address the shortage of labour and increase the productivity and income of farmers, the provision of funds for farm modernization and mechanization has been made under the Sugar Industry Development Act (R.A. 10659).”


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