New variant of coronavirus found in Brazil is more dangerous


New Delhi: New variant of coronavirus found in Brazil is more deadly and has increased the severe threat to the country. The new mutant variety of the virus has spread more in the Manaus city of Brazil.

According to the scientists, the virus was earlier spread in this region and lockdown was imposed to tackle the situation. The scientists had found that the people from this region have strong immunity and 73% of people were found infected but with fewer deaths. However, with the spread of new variants, the number of deaths has been increasing gradually in this region.

The hospitals are flooded with the patients and the difficult situation may arise further as the graveyard would not be available to bury the dead bodies, said Somingo Aswes, director, Health Intelligence Lab, Brazil.
P1 variant of coronavirus has spread across 24 countries in the world and according to scientists, it can infect 61 persons out of 100.


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