Bihar: Newly elected MP to work to revive closed sugar mills

Sitamarhi, Bihar: After the Modi government was formed for the third time at the centre, the demand to restart the closed factories in Bihar has gained momentum. This time, the demands are being raised not by the public, but by the newly elected MPs chosen by the people.

These MPs are meeting with various ministries and cabinet ministers of the central government, providing them with lists of closed sugar mills, paper mills, and other industries in their respective areas.

One of the young MPs of the country, Shambhavi Choudhary, who won from Samastipur on an LJP (Ram Vilas) ticket, told News 18 Hindi, “Look, Bihar is a farmer-dominated area, and my constituency Samastipur is also primarily agricultural. Corn is extensively cultivated here. We want to set up a food processing unit in Samastipur. I will discuss this with our leader Chirag Paswan. Additionally, we will prioritize restarting the closed Ashok Paper Mill and jute mills in Samastipur. My priority will be to reopen the factories that have shut down, providing both employment and jobs to the people.”


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