NFCSF demands incentives to sugar mills for ethanol production


The National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories (NFCSF) has urged the government to provide incentives for encouraging the production of ethanol directly from sugarcane juice/sugar syrup. The demand was made in its 62nd Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday.

The meeting, attended by very few delegates, was presided over by newly elected NFCSF President Jaiprakash Dandegaonkar.

Addressing the meeting Dandegaonkar said, “The opening stock of 2020-21 season is 105 lakh tonnes as the 2019-20 season ended with a production of 274 lakh tonnes. The sugar output for the 2020-21 season is estimated to be around 309 lakh tonnes.”

He said, “The surplus sugar production is due to the good rainfall during the monsoon in the sugarcane producing states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.”

“The sugar output in the world market in the 2019-20 season ended with the production of 1711.56 lakh tonnes while the consumption rose to 1702.74 lakh tonnes with the surplus of 8.82 lakh tonnes. The projected sugar production in 2020-21 season is 1692.35 lakh tonnes and the projected sugar consumption is 1723.77 lakh tonnes leaving a deficit of 31.42 lakh tonnes,” Dandegaonkar further added.

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