NFCSF issues clarification on CPCB order for closure of sugar mills

The National Federation of Cooperative sugar Factories Limited (NFCSF) representing the Cooperative sugar industry across the nation, has issued clarification on Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) order for closure of sugar mills.

Today, various media organisations in India have reported that the CPCB has ordered the closure of 45 cooperative sugar mills in Maharashtra for violations of the Environmental Protection Act.

In a release NFCSF said, “We would like to respond to recent news reports regarding allegations of violations of OCEMS (Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System) orders by 45 Cooperative sugar mills of Maharashtra. These reports contain incomplete information regarding orders issued by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for alleged violations of the Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System (OCEMS) standards in Maharashtra.”

“After thorough consultation with relevant authorities, National Federation would like to clarify that this has been a routine process of CPCB to issue such orders to make the sugar mills comply with the guidelines of pollution control. Since 2016 more than 200 sugar mills all over India were issued such orders. The sugar mills have been proactive in adopting corrective measures, installing advanced emission monitoring systems, and implementing best practices to minimize their environmental impact. Accordingly the defaulting mill numbers are reducing year by year. This year also as a routine process Maharashtra PCB has been asked to provide the list of sugar mills which are to be sensitized to follow the guidelines on OCEMS/ notified standards/ which are not following the guidelines,” the release further added.

It is not out of place to mention here that out of such 45 Cooperative sugar mills of Maharashtra to whom CPCB orders are issued, 29 have not been in operation.

“National Federation acknowledge that the vast majority of its member sugar mills have been compliant with OCEMS regulations and have made significant investments in modernizing their facilities to meet or exceed these standards. These mills have demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, which aligns with our industry’s goals,” said by Mr Prakash Naiknavare, Managing Director of NFCSF in the press note released.

He has further reiterated that this news will not cause any delay in start of crushing season.


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