Nigeria aims to achieve self-sufficiency in sugar and ethanol production


Infrastructure development like construction of roads, electricity and trained manpower are essential for Nigeria to achieve self-sufficiency in sugar and ethanol production, said Mr Zacch Adedeji, the executive secretary, National Sugar Development Council (NSDC).

The country has huge potential in the agricultural sector and once we tap it there is no need to import sugar, he said.

Nigeria has the potential to become a sugar exporter, he said after visiting the recently commissioned Nigeria sugar Institute, Klorin, Kwara State. The government is working as per the Nigeria Sugar Master Plan (NSMP) and implementing the policies enshrined in it.

Addressing the Parliamentarians he said, “The sugar industry has the capacity to generate huge employment and can provide jobs to the skilled as well as unskilled labourers. Once we develop the sector, it will benefit youths of the country.”


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