Nigerian government plans to build sugar mill and ethanol plant

Nigeria, who is aiming to increase the sugar production in the country, is mulling to establish an ethanol plant and a sugar mill in Akwa Ibom state. According to the reports, the Akwa Ibom state government is set to increase its investments in the agricultural sector, and as a part of this, it has a plan to build sugar mill and ethanol plant.

The governor of Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom state, Udom Emmanuel, said, “The government should increase investments in the agricultural sector for sustainable development and wealth creation.”

The country expected to generate between 600,000 to 750,000 metric tons of sugar annually by 2023 as the country continuously strives to achieve its Sugar Master Plan. Nigeria also aims to reduce sugar import and instead want to increase local production. National Sugar Development Council (NSDC) Executive Secretary, Dr Latif Busari had earlier stated that reduce in sugar importation and increase in domestic production will save the country’s $56 million in foreign exchange annually.

To boost domestic sugar production, Nigeria is ready to assist the sugar producers in the country.

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