Nigeria’s annual sugar consumption is 1.7 million tonnes: NSDC


Nigeria consumes 1.7 million tonnes of sugar every year, said the National Sugar Development Council (NSDC). The information was shared by Mr Zacch Adedeji, Executive Secretary of the council.

The country has attained self-sufficiency in refined sugar but is still importing raw sugar to meet the requirement of the sugar factories, he said.

The prices of refined sugar are changing due to the importation of raw sugar and fluctuation in foreign exchange, he said.

The sugar sector in the country is facing challenges like land access, community hostilities, natural disasters and foreign exchange restrictions, he said.

According to the news report published in, Adedeji expressed satisfaction with the players in the BIP, adding that within the last seven years of the implementation of the BIP, Nigeria has achieved over 3m metric tonnes of refining capacity.

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